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Welcome to the adventures of Third & Three. A family comic about a single father raising three adventurous kids. A fictitious representation of the life and times of the artist and his own three children.Currently, the comic is under new development in a different format. Formerly it was a weekly comic. But as work on that progressed week to week, the weekly comic would get more in depth and larger in scope, so it became apparent that it would be best to do more of a story driven comic book versus week to week posts.A image gallery of previous comics and illustrations are below. If you'd like to read more click the social links below! More news on the comic book will come in due time.Thanks, and happy reading!

Welcome to Indego Blue. A comic about a intergalactic mercenary whose only mission has been the tireless search for his missing sister. Willing to do whatever it takes, he travels to the ends of the universe taking on various challenges that stand in his way of finding her.Currently, this space is being developed, as a backlog is being built. Coming soon!

Howard Russell is a artist currently residing in the state of Delaware, working as a cartoon artist and animator for CBS Interactive and CBS Sports. He also spends time on his other personal IP collection as a cartoon, comic artist, and creator for Third & Three and Indego Blue.You can catch more of his recent random drawing updates by following him on social media. Links below!